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The finishes of our multiforma pools give an unparalleled shine and smoothness and add an extra shine to your pool by using the best gelcoats in the industry.

Automatic Cover

With your comfort and safety in mind, we offer an integrated solution for the installation of an automatic cover, which simplifies cleaning and keeps the water at the right temperature.


In small pools where exercise is difficult, we offer you the possibility to install counter-current swimming in your pool. Nothing is impossible in our pools.


The optional hydromassage system, available in several models, adds value and a touch of distinction to your pool. After all, pleasure and well-being are what you want in a pool.


At Multiforma we have developed the INFINITY system for our fibreglass pools, which gives a greater sense of space and differentiation to your pool.


As a decorative option, we offer the possibility of a mosaic tile border on each of our models, along the waterline, with a wide range of design options available.


For a stylish version of your pool, you can choose one of the available lighting accessories using the technology you need to customise your needs.
Find out about the full range of accessories available. For example, drilling stones, shower plates, filtration equipment, heating equipment, ladders, ...... 
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Do you have construction plans? Then you've come to the right place at AMS-Systems.  Active throughout Belgium.  High quality and affordable prices are our strengths. 
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