What Is Asbestos?

Asbestos is a collective name for several naturally occurring silicate minerals.
Raw asbestos consists of elongated bundles of crystals that have cracks running lengthwise.
Asbestos is a natural product, composed of rock containing minerals with strong, non-combustible fibers.
Asbestos is not visible to the naked eye and is therefore difficult to recognize.
Asbestos is fireproof, abrasion resistant and insulating. It was therefore widely used in building materials in the past. Corrugated asbestos sheets and asbestos wall cladding were therefore widely used in building materials in the past. 
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Asbestos is dangerous to health

Once installed and unprocessed, asbestos is not dangerous. The greatest danger lies in the processing of asbestos, such as grinding and drilling of asbestos.
Asbestos causes asbestosis. Inhaling asbestos pollutes the whole body. Inhaling asbestos can cause various diseases of the body.
It is therefore compulsory to have the asbestos removed by a licensed company.

Use Of Asbestos

Asbestos has been used since ancient times and was soon recognized for its fire-resistant properties. Asbestos was used in many applications.
Cement sheets, Corrugated sheets, Facade cladding, Sewerage
Asbestos panels, roofing sheets, Ceiling linings
Pipe Insulation, Industrial Steam Pipes And Hot Water Pipes
Asbestos sprays, insulating layer for buildings

Accelerated Asbestos Removal

Ams-Systems your asbestos removal contractor 

On July 20, 2018, the Flemish government approved the action plan for asbestos removal. The plan aims to make Flanders asbestos safe by 2040 at the latest and includes the following objectives:
  • Remove all asbestos cement applications around buildings by 2034.
  • Remove all easily accessible unattached asbestos applications by 2034.
  • Remove all other easily accessible asbestos applications in poor condition by 2040.

Asbestos Inventory

One of these support measures is the asbestos inventory. Was your building or house built before 2001?

If so, you must have a valid asbestos inventory when you sell a building in the future. This ensures that the buyer knows where the asbestos is in the building and can deal with it properly. From 2032, every building owner will be obliged to have a valid asbestos inventory certificate.

The Flemish government is now starting to draw up regulations describing how and when the introduction will take place. OVAM has also started to prepare for the introduction in collaboration with the sector. Once these processes have been completed, OVAM will be able to communicate the date of entry into force of the obligation. In the meantime, as an owner, you do not have to do anything.

The inventory describes which asbestos applications are present in your building and in what condition they are.
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